Brian McIlroy

Brian McIlroy is Professor of Film Studies in the Department of Theatre and Film. His background straddles English Literature, Drama and Theatre studies, and Film Studies. He obtained his MA in Drama and Theatre Studies from Leeds University in England in 1982 and his PhD in English Literature from UBC in 1991.

He created the BA in Film Studies at UBC in 2002 and normally teaches a wide range of film studies courses, from first year introductory courses to fourth year seminars on such film directors as Akira Kurosawa, Michael Haneke and Lars Von Trier.

In 2011-12, he received the Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring.

He enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of Arts One and engaging with first year students as they navigate a fascinating and challenging reading list.

When not doing research (currently exploring early cinema exhibition and cinemagoing in Vancouver in 1914), and teaching, his main extracurricular activity seems to be chauffeuring his teenaged daughter to circus training. He has promised himself one day to have a golden labrador as a pet, but for the moment he occasionally dog-sits for friends.


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