Welcome to Arts One Digital!

Arts One is a year-long, interdisciplinary program taught at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. It combines History, English, and Philosophy to introduce students to some of the classic texts of the past two millennia of world civilization.

Arts One Digital is an open, online extension or complement to Arts One that enables anyone to join this voyage of discovery and critical analysis.

What You Will Find Here

We provide recordings and other material from lectures given in Vancouver by some of UBC’s most experienced and distinguished teachers. We hope they provoke you to think in new ways about authors from Plato to Shakespeare, Defoe to Coetzee, and about issues such as knowledge, monstrosity, science, and politics.

Lectures are organized according to whether they are available on video (in which case you can watch them either on YouTube or on the UBC “Mediasite” server, which means you can also see an accompanying slide presentation), audio only, or Powerpoint.

We also aggregate Twitter feeds and blog posts related to Arts One.

How to Use Arts One Digital

Sign up! There are many possible ways to use this site. You may simply be wanting to know more about Arts One, and about the kinds of texts and issues that are studied and discussed as part of UBC’s program. If so, don’t forget to check out also the main Arts One website.

You may be seeking more information about an individual author or text. In which case, you might look for a lecture on the topic, or check out discussion on the blogs.

You may be wanting an introduction to the History of Literature and Philosophy. You’ll see many of the classic texts and authors addressed here, and you should feel free to navigate through the material in your own time, following your own interests. You may find the various tags and categories used to organize the material to be useful, in that you can focus (say) on the nineteenth century or on science.

You may also want to take advantage of the various thematic clusters that enable you to focus on particular issues and concerns as they are expressed and addressed across many different texts: Explorations and Encounters, for example, or Monster in the Mirror.

Finally, we further invite you to participate in the conversations and discussions around Arts One, for instance by contributing to one of our Twitter streams, commenting on student blogs, or even writing blog posts of your own.

What you do with Arts One Digital is up to you! We welcome ideas and suggestions.

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